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Zodiac's Conference transcription services are one of our specialties with experience gained over many years of transcribing a wide variety of corporate events, including lectures, presentations, speeches, breakout sessions, keynote speakers, round table discussions, road shows, plenary sessions, workshops, seminars and Q&A sessions.

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   Why to use Zodiac Business Transcription Service ?

 » Easy annd Quick Documentation of your Important Meetings.
 » Transcribing reduces the possibility of misunderstandings.
 » Transcripts becomes map to next steps for staff, partners, and clients.
 » It is written proof of agreements.
 » Unified message for all attendes.
 » Missed conferences, meetings, lectures can be referred easily
 » Accurate action-item list
 » Searchable, indexed meeting notes
 » Selected details for update of previous action plans
 » Create database of all conferences, meetings, lectures etc.

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